OMG We’re Getting Married

OMG We’re Getting Married

7 Essential Things To Know Before We Say I Do

Author: Dr Karen Phillip

Essential Things You Need To Know For A Fun And Loving Relationship

International author, speaker and leading relationship expert Dr. Karen Phillip shares her essential relationship secrets in this ground breaking book. Among these pages you will find innovative and thought provoking advice that will ensure your marriage will be an incredible and amazing relationship that lasts forever. Dr Karen has transformed the lives of thousands of couples with her practical advice. Her successful strategies can help you to create a closer and more loving relationship.

You’ll learn:

  • The 7 Proven Steps to Communicate and be Heard
  • How to Create and Maintain a Fulfilling Sex Life
  • Essential Information for Dealing with the In-Laws
  • How to Divide Household Tasks
  • Tips and Tricks to Planning a Stress Free Wedding
  • How to Balance your Career and Home Life
  • Many more Strategies Essential to Creating a Wonderfully Fulfilling Life Together