Clean Food, Clear Thinking

Clean Food, Clear Thinking

Change Your Body Change Your Mind

Author: Karina Francois

Would you like more energy, health and vitality?

International author, entrepreneur, leading health expert & Naturopath Karina Francois shares her secrets in this breakthrough book “Clean Food – Clear Thinking”. Naturopath Karina Francois will show you how to achieve optimum health to give you the vitality, peace, happiness and freedom you desire and deserve to achieve an extraordinary lifestyle. Master your body and mind to an amazing future.

How to achieve and maintain ultimate health and wellbeing through simple easy lifestyle practices.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to gain clarity about which foods are vital to help create a clean healthy body.
  • What your body cells really need based on your physiology.
  • The truth about proteins, carbohydrates, fats and the important role that they play in your nutrition.
  • That you never have to go on a diet again or get caught up in the trends of yo-yo dieting.
  • How to regain your healthy weight with easy to follow clean recipes that all your family will really enjoy.
  • The truth about addictions, overeating, undereating, cravings and how to overcome these to put an end to emotional eating. Get your mindset right!