Karon Coombs

Registered Nurse, Educator, Documentary maker, Energy Medicine practitioner, Author, Speaker.

Karon Coombs is a registered nurse who specialised in palliative care and oncology. She has been a nurse educator for the past twenty years and has also spoken at many state, national and international healthcare conferences on grief and bereavement.

Her extensive knowledge in this area is both professional and personal. Karon has had to deal with the loss of one of her own three children. After her son Dashiell died, she created an award-winning documentary to educate healthcare professionals about providing better care for bereaved parents in order to improve their bereavement outcome. This documentary was subsequently bought by a distributor in the Netherlands. Karon created systemic change that continues to have a ripple effect today. She is passionate about supporting bereaved people to make their grief journey easier.

Karon is a member of the Australian College of Nursing and Nepean Therapy Dogs. Her own Moodle is a therapy dog. She facilitates workshops for the bereaved and people diagnosed with a terminal disease as well as offering one-on-one sessions. Karon has studied how art can help people to heal and incorporates it into her work.

In her spare time, she loves to dance, something she’s done since she was a child. Karon believes in giving back to the community and is also a volunteer for Gateway Family Services, Community Smiles and Shared Reading New South Wales.

She has travelled extensively throughout her life, visiting New Zealand, England, Wales, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Noumea, the Isle of Pines and Vanuatu.

Karon is the author of The Grief Journey. She currently lives in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia, with her husband and her beloved therapy dog, Teddy.