The Grief Journey

The Grief Journey

Inspirational Stories & Strategies To Move & Motivate You To Successful Healing

Author: Karon Coombs

Life’s Never Just About Happiness. It’s About Meaning…

We all suffer from loss and grief at some stage in our life, whether that’s from losing a job or business, or health, mobility, fertility, to losing family, pets, your home or even one’s sense of self and dignity. All losses lead to grief in varying degrees for the person experiencing it. International author & Bereavement Nurse Educator, Karon Coombs has sensitively interviewed these well-known people about their personal experiences around loss. These inspiring stories will give you courage & help you work out ways to manage your grief journey. This book is full of easy and practical advice that will guarantee your road to successful recovery.

You’ll learn:

  • Essential strategies to help rebuild your life after loss
  • Tips and secrets from well-known people that will help you on your journey
  • How to break through the emotions of anger, sadness, fear and guilt to find forgiveness
  • 5 golden rules to create meaning from your loss
  • Practical strategies to manage your waves of grief
  • About the challenges of intimacy and sex after loss
  • Why being of service to others can help heal your soul

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