The Ride of Life

The Ride of Life

Learn to stand up for yourself

Author: Laura Andon

Laura Andon – former pro surfer, presenter, author and actor, teaches you to surf proficiently with confidence. She will inspire you to pursue your dreams, encouraging you take action and live your life to its fullest!

“Duckdive your way through life’s turbulences. Confront your fears and move forward to live your true potential. Learning to surf is the perfect way to build your confidence, appreciate the small things in life and respect the lessons mother nature teaches you.”

You’ll learn:

  • How To Surf And Embrace The Freedom In Surfing
  • Step By Step Manoeuvre Execution
  • Health Tips, Safety Guidelines, Surfboard Shopping, And Ocean Awareness
  • How To Pursue Your Dreams And Feel Empowered
  • How To Build Confidence And Believe In Yourself
  • How To Change Your Mindset And Live Positively
  • Uplifting Quotes And Affirmations To Motivate And Inspire You To Personally Grow And Take Action Towards Your Dreams