Linda Ballis

Linda has always had an awareness of alternative medicines and the importance of whole natural foods in promoting health. Her awareness and involvement in environmental concerns began many years ago, long before it became a catchphrase. Linda has a Bachelor of Applied Science from Swinburne University with majors in Mathematics and Computer Science. After completing her degree Linda spent a number of years working as an Actuary in several Superannuation companies before leaving the office environment to work in the family retail poultry businesses.

Linda has interests in, and completed courses in, the following areas: alternative medicine, mainly Homoeopathy, Kinesiology and Naturopathy, sustainable living, renewable energy, and energy efficient buildings.

Linda and John designed and owner-built a 10-star rated energy efficient house in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria. This house was also built to Feng Shui standards. Linda spent nine years teaching at a community primary school as well as being the treasurer and serving on the governing committee of the school. She also spent a number of years volunteering as a cub leader and has been on numerous camps with young children. She has always had an interest in the education of young children and the methods of helping them achieve to their best potential to give them the best start in life possible.

Linda spent a number of years working in Administration and Finance roles in several community minded and philanthropic organisations, the last being a company that provided home and personal care to the elderly and disabled to help them to live in their own homes instead of being institutionalized.

For the last 25 years Linda has done all the administrative and financial work for all the various family businesses.

Currently Linda is supporting and investing in several companies in areas where her ethics and passions lay, these being mainly the environment, health and the global community. Linda has two sons. The eldest, Leon, is currently studying Aerospace Engineering at RMIT University. He has been involved in many youth organisations and spent many years at Air Cadets. The youngest, Adam, is studying Arts at Melbourne University. He was awarded the 2008 Young Citizen of the Year at the Australia Day awards. He has also just been awarded the prestigious Queen Scout award which involved over 300 hours of community involvement, environmental work and adventurous activities. Both her children are a testament to Linda’s belief that you get out of your family and relationships what you put into them.