Women in Workboots

Women in Workboots

Stories of Women Who Have Broken Through the Barriers in Male Dominated Industries

Author: Lynette Gray

Women, Bosses, Blokes and Steelcaps

In this book you will find amazing insights into how she and other Successful Women are achieving great things in the Mining, Transport, Mechanical, Construction and Trade Industries. It is the essential guide, from those who have paved the way before, to learning to balance your life and achieve success in a man’s world. This book is full of practical tips and insights that are invaluable to all women, in all walks of life, in any industry.

You Will Discover:

  • Tips and Secrets from Women who have done the Hard Yards
  • The Essential Guide to Achieving your goals when working with men
  • How to wear Hi-Viz confidently and stay sassy
  • 5 Key Habits of Successful Women in Industry
  • How to avoid painful, costly mistakes when entering a male dominated industry
  • Confessions from Women who wear Workboots and Hi-Viz
  • 3 Powerful Reasons why you can make it in a male dominated industry