Mark Walker

Author, entrepreneur, basketball coach, and basketball instructor

His career in basketball spans three decades. Having started from humble beginnings, Mark spent many years as an elite player. He then went on to spend more than 25 years as a professional coach and teacher, touching the lives of thousands of players in Australia and across the world.

Mark has coached a wide range of athletes that include male and female athletes, kids ages four through 19, young adults, seniors, deaf players, physically disabled players, and intellectually disabled players. Two of his proudest moments was coaching the first men’s Paralympic team at the test games in Madrid, and winning the gold medal at the 1996 Paralympic Games in Atlanta, USA.

His love for the game and coaching wheelchair basketball is so strong that he played three years of competitive wheelchair basketball to improve his understanding of the mechanics of the game. That experience gave him invaluable insight into what it takes to teach basic skills. With this knowledge, he is able to demonstrate exactly what he requires from an athlete. He has purchased his own wheelchair and enjoys competing with other players.

Mark has coached and taught basketball clinics for both able-bodied and physically disabled players. The teams he has worked with include the Victorian Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team, the Australian Men’s Team, the New Zealand National Team, Thailand National Wheelchair Men’s Team, the South African Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team, the South Korean Wheelchair Basketball Federation, the Russian National Basketball Team, the Mexican Women’s National Team, the Hong Kong National Team, The West Asian Basketball Team in Dubai and the Chennai Eagles Basketball team.

In addition to his coaching and instructing, Mark has built his own basketball club and business. The Central City Breakers started with just two teams and has grown to 78 teams. Many of his players have gone on to elite championship programs.

A student of the game, Mark maintains an extensive library of manuals, books, and more than 400 hours of videos about basketball and sports science. He is grateful to have worked with so many amazing people throughout his career and he is relentlessly pushing toward future successes and another Paralympic gold medal.

Mark Anthony Walker is the author of Basketball for Beginners and lives in Melbourne, Australia.