Matt Clarkson

Bestselling author and international expert in Internet Marketing and in particular eBay business development.

When Matt Clarkson left school at 16 to become a hands on carpenter the last place you would expect him to end up is running a multinational business specialising in eBay education, but that’s exactly what happened. After initially spending 15 years working in the construction industry on projects ranging from simple homes, mega mansions, high rise commercial buildings and block buster film sets; Matt is now a bestselling author and international expert in Internet Marketing and in particular eBay business development. 

His previous experience in construction and Project Management of multimillion dollar mining and construction projects, has enabled him to manage and grow Bidding Buzz from a home based business into a multimillion dollar company in only 3 fast paced years. 

After realizing that he needed to make changes in his life and wanting to forge into a brand new industry, Matt and his partner Amanda began selling on eBay in early 2006 and quickly established themselves as one of Australia’s fastest growing eBay businesses. They had actually created one of the world’s leading eBay business systems, enabling people to establish and automate their eBay business up to 90%. It was only a matter of time before they knew they had to share this system with the world and quickly built Bidding Buzz into a global corporation, with successful and happy customers all over the world.

Now with students in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Sweden, Malaysia and beyond, with a support team of 16 staff members, Matt along with Amanda, is leading the Bidding Buzz phenomenon across the globe. The future is looking bright not only for Bidding Buzz, but for the thousands of people who have now studied their eBay business systems and are making positive changes for themselves and their families.