The Way to Alternatives

The Way to Alternatives

An Exploration in the Garden of Mysteries

Author: Maureen Crawford

A Fascinating New Mystery Adventure

“It is an extraordinary transmutation from fantasy to fact, when our creative imagination begins to soar into realms well beyond known logic and far beyond reasoning. Broader, deeper, wider than the finite mind can ever go: biological science is only operating in a narrow sphere of the ‘known’ thus its provable truths are not validated in the unknown. In an endless unknowable universe, can we, with our finite minds tied to one reality; really say what does not exist?” Professor Trustworth

From international author Maureen Crawford comes a fascinating new Mystery Adventure, ‘The Way To Alternatives’, where everyday happenings seem almost magical.

This book is the first of an epic adventure of a most human but beguiling family that can’t help finding themselves involved in fantastical adventures. The characters and their friends struggle with good and evil and discover their own failures and successes. The Trusworth family will make you realise that life can be multi-layered, fascinating and challenging no matter where you find yourself situated.

By proving that the passing of time is truly only a state of mind, these engaging mysteries will be a delight for all age groups.