Merryn Snare

Psychologist, Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Speaker, and Author

Merryn Snare has enjoyed a rewarding career as a registered psychologist, registered special education teacher, dance therapist, bereavement and trauma counselor, executive coach, author, world traveler, and mother. At her core, Merryn believes in the power of deep relaxation to assist individuals with maintaining a sense of calmness, peace, and wellbeing. This belief is the common thread that ties together all of her professional pursuits.

Merryn combines her vast psychological and educational experience to help others achieve balance in their personal and professional lives. To her, the ultimate goal is a whole-life balance. She has earned a Bachelor of Special Education, a Master of Psychology, a Graduate Diploma of Movement and Dance Therapy, and a Graduate Certificate of Dance Therapy. She is also trained in clinical hypnosis, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, emotional freedom technique, meditation, and bereavement counseling. Using her training, Merryn has worked with both intellectually disabled and autistic children, as a classroom teacher, movement and dance teacher, and special language teacher. In this capacity, she introduced the Makaton vocabulary and Auslan signing into special schools in Victoria. She has also served as a special education consultant in primary schools and as a Victorian Education Department representative on the Makaton Vocabulary Development Program Committee. Much of Merryn’s work centers on deep relaxation to help manage anxiety, phobias, and trauma. In addition to being interviewed on ABC radio about anxiety and arachnophobia, she has been a presenter in arachnophobia workshops held at the Melbourne Zoo, and a presenter at Anxiety Disorders Association Victoria workshops. She has also recorded four hypnosis CDs that help listeners sleep better without drugs, manage panic attacks, resolve their fear of flying, and stop smoking.

Always compassionate, Merryn counseled Bali bombing survivors in 2005, traffic monitors and bridge workers after the Westgate Bridge tragedy in 2007, and those working to re-open roads after the 2007 Victorian bushfires – many of whom lost friends, family, and property in the fires. As a part of her workplace assistance consulting that focuses developing emotional intelligence and psychological awareness, Merryn has worked with RACV, Bristol Myers Squibb, VicRoads, the Australian Federal Police, the National Transport Commission, the Australian Dental Association, Royal Children’s Hospital, the Country Fire Authority, the Transport Accident Commission, WorkSafe Victoria, and the Education Department of Victoria. Merryn’s professional affiliations include the Australian Psychological Society, the Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria, the Mastering Business Acceleration Group, and the Institute of Teaching. This collection of organizations gives Merryn continuing opportunities to share her experience and talents with the psychology and business community. Embracing the richness of life and business, Merryn’s travels have taken her to more than 25 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, England, Scotland, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, India, Bali, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Fiji. She has also traveled extensively throughout Australia. Merryn is the author of Annihilate Stress and Anxiety – 21 Proven Strategies for a Balanced Life She lives in Melbourne, Australia.