Michael Kelly

Michael was born in Canberra in 1969, completed his Higher School Certificate, and went on to become a licensed electrician at the age of 22. He was the Project Manager on many construction sites such as New Parliament House, The Australian Defence Force Academy and the Defence Signal Directorate Facility being responsible for teams of workers who relied on his expertise and leadership skills.

In 1992 Michael decided it was time to go on an adventure and he and two mates flew to America and bought a van and drove 23,000 miles around the USA including Canada over a 6-month period. In 1993 Michael returned to Australia and moved to Brisbane to work with his brother who is also an electrician. They teamed up and worked on many large buildings in the city. In 1995 Michael was selected to join the Fire Brigade from thousands of applicants (only 20 were selected) and moved to Sydney after an intense 6 months of training. Whilst in Sydney Michael worked at the Fire Station and on his days off worked with Channel 10 on outside broadcasts around Australia. Michael, not being satisfied doing just one line of work spend these years as an electrician, working for Channel 10 and also fighting fires.

In his spare time he still managed to keep fit playing Aussie Rules, 7’s Rugby League and Rugby Union. He also played for Australia in Oz Tag at the age of 36. Whilst at the Fire Brigade, Michael studied many books on investing in real estate. He wanted to start building wealth and realised that the 100 hours a week he was working was just him trading hours for pay and that he needed to develop a passive income if he wanted to actually enjoy more that life had to offer.

Michael began investing in property in 1997 and has completed many different types of transactions including vendor financing, buying off the plan, renovating and flipping property. Many of Michael’s friends saw how good he was at this and asked him to help them buy property. Seeing this as an opportunity to help more people, he became a Licensed Real Estate Buyers Agent as well as a Property Strategist and a Property Negotiator.

Michael’s experiences over the past 12 years in property gives him an in depth knowledge of what works and more importantly what doesn’t work. He has written this book with his business partner to help people understand that it’s not about how many properties they own but about generating positive cash flow and passive income so that they can replace their earned income to be able to choose what we all want, time to do what we want, when we want.