Heal With A Twist

Heal With A Twist

A Kinesiologist’s Guide To Overcoming Emotional Pain

Author: Michelle Doyle

International Author, Healer, Trainer, Kinesiologist and Consultant Michele Doyle shares over 2 decades of priceless wisdom and her unique methodologies of healing yourself from the inside out, giving you the tips and tools to achieve an extraordinary life of health and happiness.


  • 8 key Fields of thought that contribute to illness and how to avoid them
  • How your belief systems cause your illness to manifest in your life
  • 3 essential Habits to change your thinking
  • Breakthrough Insights into how the mind affects the body
  • Tips & Secrets of notable people who have achieved success and overcome emotional blocks, illness, fear and anxiety
  • How to Develop self awareness and responsibility to take back control of your life
  • How to create an extraordinary life full of Abundance