How to Cope with Stress and Mental Disorders

How to Cope with Stress and Mental Disorders

A Child’s Journey Coping With Hidden Parental Mental Disorders

Author: Miriam Stoll

Miriam Stoll, author and naturopath, shares over 40 years of firsthand experience of what it is like to be in an environment where your parent has a mental disorder. When you read this book you will be able to identify if you or someone you love has undiagnosed mental disorder. Until we are placed in the situation when we employ all our faculties to survive, try to understand, do something about it and conquer, we do not rest. Human spirit is far more resilient that we want to acknowledge.

You’ll learn:

  • How to handle the stress disorder as a child to a parent’s abuse
  • The impact on your life by him/her who has undiagnosed mental disorders
  • How to understand that there is an understanding of mental disorders by lay person
  • Discover the many subtle nuances of mental disorders
  • In many cases there are multiple disorders in one person
  • You’ll learn it is not your fault You can cope with it. If not get help or get out