Monique Lambert

Author, entrepreneur, public speaker and voice over artist

Monique has worked most of her life in hospitality, promotions and customer service, and later providing professional staff to many corporations for product launches, exhibitions, and trade events. When she opened her own promotional agency, Australia in Style, she soon became one of the most in demand promotional agents in Australia.

After years of success, the economy took a turn and the business failed. Determined to restore her success, and with the help of her sister, Monique created another promotional modelling agency called Vanity the Agency.

With this new business, she began a 15-year-long effort to change people’s negative perceptions of promotional models. While supplying models for the motor show niche, she found herself in the position of fulfilling requests for a very narrow type of model. Through the power of persuasion, Monique was able to broaden the type of models who worked these events, eliminating height restrictions and including people of all ethnicities, males as well as females and plus size models. She was also responsible for many teams being dressed in comfortable, stylish outfits.

Soon after the global financial crisis hit in 2009, motor shows ceased in Australia. Monique reinvented herself by opening her house to foreign students, where she became a house mother to many international teens. (And they were great taste testers for the recipes). She found this role extremely rewarding because she was able to teach young people to speak English, how to cook and show them the beauty of Australia, whilst concurrently running the agency.

Monique has worked with many organisations including Holden, Subaru, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Maserati, BMW, Jaguar, Volvo, Land Rover, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Saab, Harley Davidson, Hewlett Packard, Shell, NRL, AFL, Cricket Australia, Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Coca Cola, Radio 2MMM, Chanel 9, Nestle, Fosters, Sydney Olympics, and many more.

Inspiration for the Bacon & Eggs cookbook came from touring with staff to interstate events. Monique ensured her A-team had a hearty breakfast before taking on 12 hour days for weeks at a time. Bacon and eggs was the preferred meal, although Monique wanted to make the meals a little fancier than the standard presentation. When she looked for a Bacon & Eggs cookbook to give her inspiration, there wasn’t anything in the market. This void led to 10 years of recipe writing and photography for the book.

Having travelled abroad to France, Hong Kong, Italy, Israel, England and Greece, with an inquisitive palate, has enabled Monique to confidently dabble in other international cuisines.

Born and raised in Sydney, enthusiasm for cooking came at an early age. In the kitchens of doting Eastern European grandmothers, Monique graduated from curious spectator, potato peeler and cake mixer, to preparing three course meals for the family, all under loving watchful eyes.

Having co-managed a busy Darlinghurst café, as well as working in a family owned café in Double Bay, Monique knows her way around a kitchen.

Monique is the author of Bacon & Eggs and is currently residing in Sydney. She is working on a number of themed and exciting new cookbooks.