Nick Shady & Ayesha Hilton

Bestselling author, speaker and business strategist.

Ayesha Hilton 's passion is helping entrepreneurs, coaches and business owners with a big vision get it out of their heads and hearts and into a book so that they can grow their business and profile by becoming published authors. Her mission is to help as many people as possible grow their business so that they can serve more people doing what they love while making a great income.
While Ayesha isn’t your typical farmer’s wife (she’s never baked a slice or cooked a casserole), she is passionate about helping farming families. Her husband Nick Shady owns and operates a broad acre grain farm where he has implemented the latest technology farming skills to generate maximum returns on 2,500 acres.

Ayesha has published a number of colouring books and journals for adults. The colouring books allow adults to enjoy the childhood pastime for relaxation and creative expression. Ayesha is the founder of the Inspired Life Club, a community for living an inspired and inspiring life full of joy and creativity.
Ayesha is a contributing author of the Amazon bestseller Superwoman Myths: Breaking the code of silence and speaking up your truth. She is a co-author in Janet Becker’s latest bestselling series Romance Your Tribe Online: Client Attraction in Action as well as other books including Secrets of Success, Wealthy Web Woman, Chocolates & Diamonds for the Woman’s Soul, and 365 Ways to Connect to Your Soul.

During her writing and publishing experience, Ayesha has utilised various strategies to enable her to write books fast. She presents these strategies in her book, FAST Book Writing: write your book in 30 days or less. After she wrote this, Ayesha founded the FAST Book Writing Formula, an online program to help other entrepreneurs, coaches and small business owners write their books fast. With a diverse professional background across many industries, Ayesha has skills in online marketing and communications. Ayesha has professional qualifications that include a Bachelor of Communications in Professional Writing, Graduate Certificate in Virtual Communications and Certificate in Workplace Training and Assessment.

As an avid philanthropist for the past 20 years, Ayesha has worked, consulted and volunteered around the world raising awareness for various causes for both corporate and community groups. She is passionate about supporting Survivors of Suicide (SOS) and is donating a percentage of book sale profits (from Who Gets the Farm?) to this cause in 2015. Ayesha also supports the One Heart Foundation started by her friend Dean Landy to provide education and housing for orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya.
With a love of travel that started at an early age, Ayesha has travelled, trained and worked in seven countries including places such as the United States of America, Nepal, Laos, Burma, and Papua New Guinea. She also lived for several years in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where she was a volunteer with Australian Volunteers International working with Thai sex workers and Burmese refugees. Ayesha was brought up Buddhist and as a child lived in Northern India where she has a strong connection to the home base of the Dalai Lama.

Ayesha believes that gratitude is the key to creating the best life possible and she knows just how blessed she is. Ayesha lives in rural Victoria, Australia, with her husband and their two children Grace and Spencer, along with Ayesha’s father, known affectionately as Grandpa and their Jack Russell, Holly.

WEBSITE: nickshady.com