Paul Barratt

Paul Barratt was born in Perth in September 1959. Growing up, Paul faced a number of challenges as he was diagnosed with a heart condition at the age of five and was faced with many other medical problems that potentially could have shortened his life. Paul however is not the kind of person to lie down and accept limitations that may have been imposed.

Paul was in the very first intake of students in the first digital systems and computers course at the Western Australian Institute of Technology (now known as Curtin University in WA). As a result of his passion with computers at 17 he was employed as a computer engineer. Paul’s knowledge in computers expanded as he took on operations, programming, graphics design and new technologies as they were emerging. As a result of his breadth of knowledge, he fulfilled several management positions with large international computer companies before starting his own information technology business.

Paul is married to Joanne with one son Chris. As a family Paul, Joanne and Chris work well together and support each other in many different aspects of their lives. This support was most evident when Paul’s medical challenges finally caught up with him and he went into heart failure and eventually became WA’s first heart and lung transplant recipient.

As a result of these life-changing moments Paul’s passion has seen him raise funds for many charitable groups. His passion for making a difference in different communities has seen him sit on the board of the Heart Lung Transplant Foundation and Heart Kids WA. as well as being a part of Transplant Australia as an advocate for organ donation, Paul supports patient groups and is working towards supporting communities in remote and country areas of Australia.

Paul values life greatly and is always looks to give back to communities that have supported him. Paul’s giving back has seen him as a finalist in the Local Hero category in the Australia Day awards in 2008.

Paul had been trading various markets over the years including shares, options and the futures market. The foreign-exchange market had always fascinated him but he wasn’t sure how to approach trading that market. When he met David he saw how easy it could be to trade the foreign exchange market. A mentor-student relationship developed.

Paul realised the value of the information David was teaching and encouraged David to put his ideas on paper. As every good mentor would say “If you think it’s such a good idea you do it.”Never afraid of taking on the challenge, Paul chose to not only take on the game of turning $1000 and $1 million but with David, write the book. Currency trading is not for everyone but it has seen Paul’s life change significantly.

Paul continues to live in Perth with his beautiful and supportive wife Joanne and is looking to continue to make a difference in communities around Australia through education, public speaking and fundraising. Operation Golden Dragon is one of those vehicles that will make a difference in communities not just in Australia but around the world.