Pauline Allen

Author, Entrepreneur, Beauty Therapist, World Traveler

Pauline is an international author, entrepreneur, beauty therapist and world traveller.

After completing her training as a beauty therapist Pauline opened her first beauty therapy salon in Melbourne. During her 12 successful years of operation, she won many honours recognising her sales skills, including two trips to Paris. She sold her first salon before moving to the Sunshine Coast where she soon opened new salons. Once again, she enjoyed tremendous success before successfully selling her businesses and relocating to the Gold Coast.

Her love of travel drew her into a career selling timeshare holidays. In her new role her talent for sales earned her many accolades and great success.

Now, retired from the beauty salon and travel business, Pauline has time to focus on her writing. Having met and consulted with thousands of people throughout her career Pauline became aware of her deep passion and skill for helping people achieve their dreams. She also realised that recognising and releasing your innate sexual attraction can help you with all aspects of your life. So now she dedicates her time to assisting thousands of people who are looking to improve themselves, either by changing their appearance, improving their confidence and modifying their lifestyle to create a more success.

Pauline loves the sense of freedom she feels when she travels and explores new places on her own. She has travelled and worked throughout Australia and internationally.

Pauline Allen is the author of “Unzip Your Sexual Attraction, 7 Critical Keys to Increasing your Confidence, Charisma and Success.”

Pauline lives in Queensland where she enjoys spending time with her 4 sons and 7 grandchildren.