Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself

How to Design, Build and Position Your Personal Brand

Author: Rachel Quilty

Brand Yourself is about creating a personal brand.

Your personal brand! It involves you taking centre stage in your own success.

This Brand Yourself manual highlights the foundational blocks to building your personal brand and positioning yourself as the authority in your industry. This instructional manual will help consultants, executives, coaches, business owners, speakers and authors stand out from the crowd as you develop and design your signature personal brand.

By developing and designing your signature personal brand, you are seen as the expert in your field, the go-to person, and can set your rates to match.

You Will Learn To:

  • Build a Persuasive Personal Brand
  • Create a brand that attracts clients
  • Premium price yourself through differentiation
  • Determine why personal branding is essential to your success
  • Discover the principles of positioning yourself as the authority
  • Take the 10 Action Steps to Brand Yourself and dominate your niche
  • Develop a Personal Branding Action Plan