Closer Secrets

Closer Secrets

Build Your Sales Team, Master the Process

Author: Randall Grizzle and Tom Rich

Most of us are taught the importance of having wealth, the value of money. But we are rarely taught the importance of having the discipline to sell.

Closer Secrets will help to break past amateur sales techniques and provide insight into powerful ways to create a tribe and master a process to close more deals. Not only how to break through but learn to embrace it and love it.

This book is designed to dive into the heart of the sales floor and get results. The more we listen, love, and learn, the more we earn!

Polishing techniques provided in Closer Secrets will help you present create a process with potential for major scalability and also present yourself in a way that people can’t afford not to buy.

This book will help to gain insight on how to:

  • Hire superstars
  • Maximise every lead
  • Give you tools that create confidence
  • A process that will eliminate trial and error
  • The right way to eliminate chargebacks or cancellations