Ricky Sawi

International Author, Engineer, Analytical Scientist, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, and Prosperity Coach.

Ricky Sawi is an immigrant success story. Born to a poor family in the northern part of the Philippines, he did not let the hard circumstances of his life get in the way of his dreams. Successful

in achieving an academic scholarship to study chemical engineering, Ricky went on to work as a laboratory analyst. After a number of years in this position, Ricky went back to study and graduated with honours (cum laude) in a Masters in Business Administration Degree.

Determined to continue pursuing his dreams, he decided to immigrate to Australia. Before he left the Philippines and started on his journey to Australia, he started on his self-development journey. A journey he continued diligently through his transition time and after he had immigrated to Australia. Ricky self-funded this education that has been learnt through institutions as well as from leading experts in the field.

Ricky is not only successful in his field as an engineer and an analytical scientist, but is also now a real estate investor, entrepreneur, author, and prosperity coach. In his book “Living the Immigrant Dream: A Practical Guide to Achieving Financial Prosperity”, Ricky tells all the lessons and experiences he learned along his journey to financial prosperity. Ricky’s goal in life now is to share his wisdom and wealth strategies to enable other immigrants to live the life of their dreams.

Ricky lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife Angelina.