Rita Micalef

Rita has been a world leader in the Network Marketing arena for over 23 years.

The youngest of 16 children; a strong work ethic was a simply matter of survival as she was growing up in Malta.

Her family moved to Australia and Rita discovered her natural talent for connecting with and helping people when she became a World Book Encyclopaedia representative at age 22. She quickly became one of the company’s top Australian performers and the winner of numerous awards and company paid holidays.

She discovered network marketing at the age of 37 and started with a nutritional company quickly becoming one of the five top income earners in Australia and New Zealand for that company. The connections she built led her to South Korea where the team she created soon dominated that marketplace.

This experience taught her the value of duplicable systems in ensuring success for beginners in the industry. When she moved to a different company the systems she created and put in place quickly spread her business to 49 countries and created a 6 figure a month income for her within 6 months from a standing start. Many, many others rode her coat- tails to success based on the systems and training she gave.

Moving back into nutrition, Rita helped take a new entrant into the Australian market to huge success. 90% of the Australian membership of that company exists today because of her efforts.

Today, the distributor organisations she has created span the globe.
Rita has condensed years of experience into her best-selling book “How To Grow Rich In The New Economy”