China Sourcing

China Sourcing

A Story of Low Cost Country sourcing that proves size really doesn’t matter to success.

Author: Rob O’Byrne

The trend for Western countries in particular to ‘off-shore’ their production to lower cost countries such as China continues. But for those not experienced in the concept and the processes, there are many traps awaiting them. This book, written as an entertaining ‘Novel’ guides you to ensure that your venture into off-shoring is well prepared and rewarding.

You’ll learn:

  • Why organisations source from overseas.
  • That you cannot under estimate the complexity, so get your facts right.
  • That you need to establish regulatory requirements, including Cross province regulations
  • That Building good relationships is essential with suppliers and International Logistics Providers.
  • That an ‘In Country’ purchasing & QA team is a major advantage.
  • And to be patient and conscious of cultural differences.