The New Director

The New Director

Author: Ron Scott


How to get started as a professional company director in New Zealand

But what is being a director all about?

What are the responsibilities?
What skill sets must one have?
Is it all beer and skittles: long lunches and whiskey soaked meetings?
What about the Old Boys Network? Is it real?

Being a Director of a business is a challenging and worthwhile pursuit. Ron Scott delivers valuable strategies for those who are just beginning their quest for a seat at the Board Room table and reveals success secrets on how to progress your career.

In this book you will discover:

  • How to selected to the board of your choice
  • The 7 qualities that the best companies look for in a director
  • the 4 key skills required on any board
  • How to choose a market niche that matches your CV
  • How to write a CV that is guaranteed to get you noticed
  • How to weed out the companies that spell DANGER to your career (they are not always obvious)
  • How to fast track your success in business