Broken Dolls of Bali

Broken Dolls of Bali

I Won’t Be Silenced Any Longer…

Author: Sandi Allan

International Author, songwriter and life coach, Sandi Allan shares her story of going overseas to live her dream. The Bali Paradise lifestyle… until it was shattered by a terrifying course of events.

This book is a warning for all women about the mine field of another country’s overwhelming cultural and legal differences. It will help keep you safe and teach you what to avoid.

You’ll learn:

  • The critical facts, laws and cultural differences you should know before moving to a 3rd World country
  • Tips for knowing your own limitations and what to do if situations spiral out of control
  • What happens when circumstances manipulate you and what to do about it
  • The untold truth about Drugs on Bali streets
  • How to evade painful costly mistakes by having a rule of thumb. Trust yourself 100%, expat acquaintances 75% and locals 50%
  • The secrets to reading between the lines and reading faces
  • How to retain and honour your sense of self worth

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