Building a Meaningful Life

Building a Meaningful Life

Lessons from the Spiritual Minds of World Leaders

Author: Shane Martin

The Sacred Site opened and the wisdoms of a meaningful life found

This is a real unique true life story with visions, awareness, life lessons and wisdom from deep inherrent meditation. It follows International Author Shane D. Martin’s story by walking the road of his life. There is sadness, there is love, there is joy and most of all there is awareness. In between the chapters of his life journey there is revealed a deep knowing from within.

This book is full of lessons, messages and spiritual wisdom from world leaders and it will guide us to find passion, purpose and our own meaningful life.

Be prepared to grow with new understandings, deeper connections and for our true freedom to be returned.

You’ll Uncover the Secrets to:

  • Become a confident positive person who attracts real friends and love with simple techniques.
  • Build a meaningful life using the path beyond material gains. The greatest gifts of earth are free once discovered.
  • Explore the path to guilt-free fun sex and loving relationships with open heart and respect methods revealed.
  • Understand the wisdom of eternal life force energy and what it looks like.
  • Obtain a long healthy life full of energy and fun regaining the lost wisdom knowledge of food, live water and our living environment.
  • See with clarity, listen and hear clearly beyond words, feel the deep resonance of knowing and speak using the power of positive speech to gain respect from all.