Your Sacred Path

Your Sacred Path

Author: Steve Broadbent

From The Dancers To The Dance & The Secret Within You

From the perspective of a scientist, Your Sacred Path reveals the hidden legacy of mankind, the Ancient Mysteries, a spiritual knowledge that can be traced in an unbroken lineage through many great people and cultures, to the very dawn of civilisation.
A knowledge that harmonises with the cutting edge concepts of Quantum Physics, which introduces such startling ideas as M-theory, Superstrings, p-Branes and Multiverses. As you recognise this synchronicity, you will discover the life affirming messages of this mystical knowledge that are inherent in your DNA; and how you can activate this profound knowledge to create magic in your life.

On Your Sacred Path you will see the Ancient Mysteries revealed and discover:

  • The secrets to life and a spiritual knowledge that can be traced back in an unbroken lineage through all religions to the dawn of time.
  • The concepts of Classical Physics and Quantum Mechanics explained in an entertaining and concise fashion that is simple for everyone to understand.
  • The secret coded into your DNA that provides a timeless solution for living and growing.
  • That we are part of a mind created and controlled Universe.
  • How the ancient mystics understood and used these ideas.
  • Practical solutions that can be easily implemented to ensure your growth and happiness, and a better humanity in harmony with our planet. It’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3.