Unlock Your Land Rover Genius

Unlock Your Land Rover Genius

Intel from 50 Years x 14 Land Rovers x 2 Million kms

Author: Steve Marshall

Discover How to Get the Most From Your 4WD and Have the Life of Your Dreams

International author, speaker, businessman, enthusiastic Land Rover owner and expert, Steve Marshall reveals how you can unlock all of the potential within your ‘Landie’ and yourself. Through the number of Land Rovers, the massive amount of kilometres and years owning them, Steve has accumulated decades of funny, informative and valuable stories. If you own a Land Rover, or want to, then this book is for you. It is full of insights, tips, and checklists that will turn your desire for off-road adventures into reality.

You’ll learn:

  • How to gain confidence and use your 4WD to its full potential
  • How to quickly overcome challenges and enjoy the thrill, fun and friendship of 4WD adventures
  • How to enhance your experiences with your 4WD discovering things about your vehicle you never knew
  • How to save years in mastering off-road travel in a Land Rover by leveraging off someone who has done it all, including the mistakes
  • How to connect with the natural environment, including a combative wombat, by taking the exhilarating road-less-travelled
  • Practical tips and secrets for safe off-road driving
  • How to set goals, step outside your comfort zone and enhance your passion for life; giving you more excitement, gratitude and wisdom