Suzanne McTier-Browne

Author, a certified Advanced Bowen Therapist, Reflexologist and Massage Therapist

At the age of 22, Suzanne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. At the time, there were no treatments for the life-threatening disease. In pain and given just 12 months to live, she began her own investigations into the condition. Thanks to her personal initiative and specific natural therapies, she overcame MS.

Just one year later she contracted Ross River Fever which she also overcame through personal research and natural therapies. Having survived illnesses in her own life, her mission now is to empower and support people in their health and wellness.

After a successful 19-year career in business management, Suzanne decided to start her own business in natural therapies. Through her Good Health & Pain Relief Clinic in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia, Suzanne has been able to empower more than 2,000 clients to relieve their pain.

In addition to her training and more than 17 years of experience as a therapist, Suzanne holds a bachelor’s degree in arts where she majored in journalism, Japanese, and communications. She also holds a graduate diploma in management and a master’s degree in business administration.

During her career in business management and as a therapist, Suzanne has worked with many organisations including ANZ Banking Group, Ansett Resort & Hotels (Hayman Island), Central Queensland University, The Family Medical Practice at Kmart Plaza and The Glenmore Family Medical Practice.

Suzanne’s professional associations include The Bowen Association of Australia, The Reflexology Association of Australia, and Massage & Myotherapy Australia (previously the Australian Association of Massage Therapists).

She has worked internationally and travelled throughout Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, China, Fiji, Vanuatu, Vila, Cook Islands, the United States, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Turkey, Croatia and the United Kingdom.

Suzanne McTier-Browne is the author of Drug Free Pain Relief and lives in Queensland, Australia.