Out of the Box Thinking On Indigenous Leadership

Out of the Box Thinking On Indigenous Leadership

Simple Strategies to Create an Empowering Future

Author: Wendy Watego & Vicky Scott

International Authors and Education and Training Experts Wendy Watego (Quandamooka woman) and Vicki Scott look newly at leadership. They drill down to the core of you cultural identity and spirit. You get to see how your habits, your decisions, and the way in which you communicate and build relationships is impacted and shaped by unresolved upsets from your past. After reading this book you will have a very different mindset about what is now possible for you. You will be the true “author-ity” of your life, and have the power to self-determine the direction of your future and your leadership.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to stay strong in your cultural identity and how to use it as an asset to work smarter as a leader
  • How to identify and heal from the silent national lie that “blackfellas aren’t as good as whitefellas”
  • Steps to alleviate the impacts of inter-generational trauma and lateral violence on leadership
  • What it takes to build delicious, respectful and healthy relationships
  • How to create a Blueprint for leadership success that guarantees you results
  • Simple and fun ways to use your unique strengths, gifts and talents to build your leadership capacity
  • What you need to know about living longer and leading stronger