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The Australian Vintage Aviation Society
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Aly Michaels

Aly is an author, entrepreneur, real estate investor and highly sought after public speaker

As a child, she watched her mother struggle working up to 18 hours a day for just $3.84 per hour in a factory as a machinist. Seeing her mother divorce and be on her own in an unknown country with no friends was heart wrenching for the seven year-old. She vowed she would not end up like her mum. Her confidence, belief in herself and entrepreneurial nature lead hereto innovative ways to make her own money. She started selling fragrant erasers at the tender age of eight and within a short period of time was making a great living for a primary school kid. Throughout that journey, she learnt that money was simple, money was easy and money was fun.

Aly started her Real Estate career at the age of 14 and loved the idea of having other people pay her mortgage. After dropping out of university to travel the world, she returned to Australia in 2004 where she focused on her then goal of purchasing a property a year for the next ten years and then retire. Aly now owns a portfolio valued over $5 million and was able to financially retire in 2010.

She has worked for leading real estate firms including Ray White, LJ Hooker, Richardson and Wrench, Positive Real Estate and numerous buying agents. To date, she has built a six-figure property business with her passion for producing results, planning, goal setting and using a simple model that she developed with her proven strategies.

She has been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, Your Investment Property Magazine, Eagle Waves Radio and holds her Real Estate and Auctioneering License. Today, she is passionate about leveraging both time and money for the consumer and now focuses primarily on helping everyday Australians Live Rent and Mortgage Free by teaching her proven system of renting nightly and speaking internationally.

Aly Michaels is on a mission to help, educate and inspire Australians to take action, change their money blueprint and live life on their terms. She is passionate about leveraging time and money for the consumer and now focuses on sharing the lessons she has learnt with her students.

She has travelled and worked throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Jordan, Spain, and Italy.

Aly Michaels is the author of Airbnb For Property Investors and lives on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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