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Switch to Slim
Benny Owen and Leilani Gaze

Benny Owen and Leilani Gaze

Benny is an author and personal trainer, business owner and former touring musician, as well as a tour/road manager to some of the world’s best-known bands, entertainers and celebrities, working with the likes of David Hasselhoff, Smash Mouth, Wheatus, The Vengaboys to name a few. Music and travel are just a few of Benny’s passions.

The last three years have seen him transform his body, his mind and life. He decided that fat and 40 was not an option, weighing in at 127 kg and the age of 37, and after beating severe anxiety and bouts with depression from a young age, Benny set out to change his life and mindset without all the bells n whistles and quick-fix solutions, instead choosing exercise, health and fitness to shape his body, mind and a newfound love for life.

During this journey, Benny has become a leading expert in the health and fitness industry.

He has lost 45 kg, completing his very own amazing body transformation, and has since competed in an international bodybuilding competition. He has helped others reach their own body transformation goals, leading to them winning weight loss challenges and preparing for fitness competitions.

Benny still enjoys travel, music, and nutritious food and lives a healthy happy life. Benny’s eyes are now set firmly on helping other people, just like him, reach their potential to lose weight and live a longer more fulfilling life.

Benny Owen along with partner Leilani Gaze, are the international authors of Switch to Slim and are ready to help make a global change one kg/pound at a time. They live in Byron Bay on the north cost of NSW, Australia.

Leilani is an Author, Business Owner, Event Manager, Journalist, and Fitness Enthusiast, Leilani is a published author, business owner, journalist, researcher and film maker. She has worked in event management and is a fitness enthusiast.

She is proud of her expertise in both the media/communications industry and in event management. Leilani has worked as a festival producer and site manager for several events in Brisbane, including Greenfest. She has had the opportunity to work on Terra Nova, a Stephen Spielberg production, and on an independent film documenting the 2006 crisis in Timor-Leste. Leilani has earned a bachelor of Journalism from Bond University and a Diploma in Screen and Media from the GoldCoast International Film School.

When she graduated from film school she was presented with the Outstanding Achievement Award, and while completing her studies at Bond University her work was widely published in media outlets that include Australian Surfing Life,, Bond Briefs, Varsity Lakes Online and The Tweed Daily News. Leilani is also a novelist and is working on a collection of children’s stories as well as a fiction novel.

One of her many passions is health and fitness. To take her commitment to a higher level, she has competed in bikini competitions and is working on a range of health products that will be sold in conjunction with the book Switch to Slim.

She has travelled and worked throughout Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, England, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Morocco, East Timor, West Timor, Bali, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Fiji.

Leilani Gaze along with her partner Benny Owen, is the international author of Switch to Slim and lives in Byron Bay on the north cost of NSW, Australia.

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