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The Australian Vintage Aviation Society
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Bruno Marevich

Deeply interested in natural medicine, health and science from an early age, he initially graduated in accounting due to the lack of formal courses in the field of natural medicine at that time in Australia. In the early 1980s, Bruno began his studies in naturopathy. He went on to earn an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy followed by a university degree in Health Sciences majoring in Complimentary Medicine. He also earned his Master Practitioner qualification in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Bruno has been helping patients for over three decades, consulting from his clinic in Castle Hill, New South Wales for the past 15 years and before that in his Macquarie Street clinic in Sydney. Happily married to his wife Henriette for 39 years, he credits her keen interest, enthusiasm, tireless support, positive thinking and love for their success over the years.

Their wish, goal, and desire has always been to alleviate pain and suffering while bringing health, energy, and propelling motivation to the lives of all who have sought their advice. He and his wife have been fortunate to have met tens of thousands of patients. Their greatest reward has been the improvement in the life of everyone they meet and those who experience the profound benefits of nature’s healing.

Bruno and Henriette founded the Australian Naturopathics brand of natural supplements in the year 2000 for the purpose of providing patients with their own formulas of high quality natural medicinal products. These form today an integral part of their naturopathic treatment which has come to be known as ‘The Marevich Way’.

Bruno’s professional associations include the Complementary Medicine Association (CMA) for which he was a Director and Federal Secretary for many years. The CMA contributes to Australians who seek help from naturopaths and to the profession by working towards the improvement of naturopathic educational standards and code of practice. This organisation also helped increase the number of private health funds which today covers naturopathy in Australia. He has been awarded a fellowship to the Complementary Medicine Association in recognition for his extensive service to the naturopathic profession. Bruno is also a member of the New York Academy of Sciences and Civil Liberties Australia.

In his spare time, Bruno enjoys a healthy personal fitness routine and he is an avid snow skier. He also passionately continues his personal studies and professional research in the fields of science, medicine, biochemistry, nutrition, psychology and quantum physics. Bruno is in constant search for the truth about health and ways of improving mankind’s condition.

He has travelled and worked repeatedly throughout more than 30 countries to date and continues to attend professional health events and conventions across the world, which he manages to squeeze in with his clinic’s busy schedule.

Bruno Marevich is the author of Make Your Health Great Again and lives in Sydney NSW, with his wife Henriette.

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