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David Lee

David Lee

Growing up in his native Australia, David Lee migrated to the United Kingdom with his family in 1994. After working several years as an independent business systems consultant David fell into Internet Marketing by necessity back in 2004. It was by coincidence whilst attending his very first internet marketing conference in London that he met one of the presenters, and now co-author, David Cavanagh. Working alongside successful property expert, Rick Otton, David was responsible for developing property cash flow systems that didn’t require the buyer taking out a bank mortgage.

In order to launch the concept and name “Rick Otton” into an initially sceptical British market it was a case of “sink or swim” for David to get the message out and then gain acceptance. Swim he did as the reverberations have been felt around the UK due to David’s persistence and determination to succeed against all odds! As a result David had to master a wide number of additional skills that includes online and offline marketing, mentoring, public speaking, copywriting,product launching and events management. It is this wide range of business life skills that David is recognised for, as well as already being an author himself.

David is the director of Your Home Today Limited, using the creative methods for buying and selling of UK property that he helped develop. This is the practical side of allowing ordinary people to solvetheir property problems while the banking system fails them in today’s financial climate. With all the feverish attention of these new strategies, David also runs the educational arm of the business, known as Cash Flow Investor Limited. This is where the general public can learn from David’s years of practical experience on how they can replicate the business model as a property investor, or even as a potential home buyer or seller that is frustrated or disillusioned with the traditional system.

Rather than having success go to his head, David still identifies with those having the same hunger and desire to succeed like he had back in 2004 by turning an idea into a way of life, and using the internet to help convey his message. It is widely recognised today in property circles that David’s vision and achievements have led to many of the changes that have taken place since then. Most specialists can only talk on one topic of expertise, but David has spoken internationally on topics like Property Investing, Internet and Business Marketing, Personal Branding, Effective Communications and World Economics. He lives in London with his wife Sabera and two children, Gerard and Adrian.

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