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Stress Free Dressing
Deb Sawyer

Deb Sawyer

As an Author, Wardrobe Coach, and Speaker, Deb shares her passion for helping women see how they can improve their whole life by dressing better on an EVERYDAY basis.

She loves sharing the practical knowledge she has learned from a love of dressmaking, colour and fabrics, self-education and from assisting many women when working in retail fashion. Her teaching challenges your thinking and gives you a new perspective about how you feel about your appearance and your life. If you know why and how change will benefit you, then you have a reason to make those changes. Deb shows you that looking great is not about what you spend, but about knowing what to do best with what you have. You can’t use what you don’t know. Small changes can make a big difference!

Deb works with individuals and groups to share her very practical Stress Free Dressing message, and loves the positive impact she has on the lives of the women she works with.

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