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Face Talk for Sales Success
Diana Anderson

Diana Anderson

Diana Anderson was born in Sydney, New South Wales in 1964. She moved to Perth at the tender age of four with her family. After seven years of fun and adventure her family moved back to Sydney to allow her and her siblings to complete their schooling. It was in her final years of high school that she realised how important her interpersonal skills were and the role they were going to play in her future life.

With a strong desire to be of service to people, she entered the dental industry as an assistant at the age of 18. It became very clear after 12 months that she was able to manage the team of five and the business in a way that worked for all. She moved into the front office and that was where she stayed for the next four years. Becoming aware that her heart was left in the West, she returned to Perth in 1986.

After meeting an inspiring dentist with a great vision their partnership was to begin. They were able to create a very successful dental practice within two short years when advertising was illegal for the industry. This led to two more unique practices, one of those in New Zealand. She has always been involved in small business and understands the skills to inspire and motivate her team.

During these times she also spent six years in the network marketing industry which supported her interpersonal and team building skills. Alongside this was public speaking training in Rostrum Australia. With four more years of study, Diana began to pursue her interests in energy work and established her consulting/training business. This also led her to opportunities that involved coordinating large events and membership groups of over 250 people.

Diana is now Co-founder and Director of Face Talk, leaders in sales communication using facemapping. She is using her natural talent and expertise in working with teams of people to expand the vision of her organisation.

Diana is a trained dental assistant/receptionist and is qualified in Three in One Concepts Kinesiology, Reflexology and Colour Therapy. She lives in Perth with her husband Craig and two boys Jarred and Reece and dog “Mara”.

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