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Secrets to Communicate & Empower
Ella Kushnir

Ella Kushnir

Ella Kushnir is an authentic communication expert, entrepreneur, author, master coach and trainer, business consultant, and feng shui practitioner.

Ella is a successful entrepreneur, businesswoman and author. Ella started work at the age of 17, handling millions of dollars daily while working in the financial industry. At the age of 23 Ella decided to build her own business with her then husband, which in the third year of its operation was turning over $1.5 million per year. Since then, Ella has taken a number of businesses and, by systemising the processes, improved their cash flow and increased their profitability. This is the basis of her Heart-Centered Leadership Mastery system.

Ella has worked with many companies including the Australian Taxation Office, major insurance companies, the English School for International Students, CitiBank, Just Jeans and Stockland. Ella achieved all this whilst also being a single mother of three beautiful children. While bringing them up, she has travelled in over 11 countries, meeting and talking with thousands of people.

Ella is a woman of character, charm and power. Her genuine warmth combined with her depth, intelligence and ability to perceive, awaken and encourage the undiscovered abilities of people and inspire them to reach their highest potential while experiencing transformation in their self-worth and in their material world, creates an irresistible energy.

Over 30 years of experience, research and trials, as well as addressing her own significant life challenges, have equipped Ella to deal with life’s ups and downs and meet them head-on. She uses this knowledge to help others manifest their dreams.

The key to Ella’s success is her ability to communicate and understand people’s behavior in a way that creates unexpected results.

Ella is the voice of personal experience, powered by a battery of professional tools and qualifications. She has consumed a wide variety of books, attended many trainings, personal development courses and transformational seminars. Over the years she has helped many people make changes in their lives and decided to devote her career to helping those who are interested in moving forward towards excellence and joy in life. Ella has worked closely with other business leaders such as Dr John Demartini, Jeff and Kane, Ted James, Benjamin J Harvey, Darren Stephens and Tony Robbins, just to name a few.

Ella lives in Sydney with her family.

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