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How I Got 2000 guys to say “Hi”
Esme Chin

Esme Chin

Online Dating Author, Real Estate Investor, Coach and Speaker

Esmé is an expert online dating author, real estate investor, coach, highly sought after speaker and entrepreneur.

She is a woman of diverse interests and talents. Esmé holds a Master of Arts degree from Sydney University where she triple-majored in fine arts, history and philosophy. She holds a real estate diploma from Macleay College and an Interior Decorating Diploma from the Sydney School of Colour and Design. She has also completed a gemology and diamond grading and jewellery design course at the Gemological Institute of Australia.

A property entrepreneur at heart, during her first year of real estate investing, Esmé purchased 14 properties. After six years, she has built a property portfolio that spans two continents. As a member of the Property Women’s Group, in 2009 she was the runner up for their Best Newcomer Award.

She is always happy to share her knowledge and experience. Her personal strength and resilience shines through in this book.

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