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1st Prize Baking Treasures
Fay Lebsanft

Fay Lebsanft

Fay grew up in the country in a small district called Moola, 25km from Dalby. Her family grew everything they ate, from vegies to all kinds of fruits, and reared everything they ate from chooks and steers to the odd pig. They got their milk from pet goats. Her mum cooked all the family meals and Fay certainly grew up with an appreciation for the old fashioned way of doing things.

Her love for cooking came from her mum and Fay entered show cooking from an early age. She also entered lots of crafts and was rewarded for her efforts with many prizes. Before long, she was addicted to entering the local show, just like her mum.

Fay moved to Goondiwindi in 1991 and for many years she entered shows in her local area and was rewarded for her efforts, sometimes taking out the champion exhibit. She will soon be writing another cookbook with all her 1st prize recipes and tips. There will be lots of different recipes to look forward to in her cookbook. Her book will be called More 1st Prize Baking Treasures and you can pre order this using the details in the front of this book.

Raising three children and homeschooling them over a period of 12 years, Fay gave up show cooking. Her life has gone in different directions now and she no longer enters shows but still loves to cook.

Her mum is 89 years old now and Fay wants to recognise her for all the effort and support that she has shown and taught her over the years.

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