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Out of the Box Learners
Fiona Caruso

Fiona Caruso

Fiona Caruso is an author, mother, home-schooler, journalist, record company director, songwriter and real estate business consultant.

She started her professional life as a journalist trainee and radio presenter before quickly moving on to becoming a sound technician and a member of the outside broadcast crew for ABC Perth TV and News.

Fiona’s next venture was starting a recording and music publishing company with her husband. In addition to their success at signing acts to major labels, her involvement in the business led her to write songs and collaborate with various artists.

At a time of great change in the music industry, Fiona transitioned into real estate, helping her husband to become the top real estate agent for Raine and Horne worldwide, and subsequently consulting with other real estate businesses to help them become successful.

With the arrival of their children, parenthood became a priority for Fiona. She worked part-time for a stretch, but after her daughter faced health challenges in middle school years, Fiona became a home-schooler. She explored and discovered ideas around helping children with learning challenges, whilst dealing with the minefield of demands that came with parenting Out Of The Box Learners.

Fiona Caruso is the author of Out Of The Box Learners. She lives in Perth with her husband, Rob, and their two awesome children.

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