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The Inconvenient Truth About Business Success
Ian Marsh

Ian Marsh

Ian Marsh started showing business owners how to create their own million dollar businesses in 2006, after three desperate requests from a business owner on the Gold Coast called Jeremy Young. Jeremy was about to lose the trifecta of his business, his house and his marriage. After helping Jeremy implement some core strategies in his business and seeing the effect he had on this person’s life, Ian then committed himself to showing other business owners how to create successful businesses as well. He is someone who works with businesses every single day and finds hidden, overlooked profits they didn’t even know they had. He is not a Harvard trained, MBA holding academic. He has gone through the school of hard knocks and experienced nearly every high and low you could possibly have in business, resulting in him becoming the Street smart Business owner.

Starting as an electrician and refrigeration mechanic he became a student of street smart marketing principles.
–  From June 1999 until 2004 he built and grew Marsh Air conditioning P/L into a $12,000,000 a year business.
–  WHOOPS! In December 2005 he had the rug pulled out from under him and went bankrupt due to a massive theft of time and material in the company.
–  In January 2006 he built a new company. In 8 months he’d built it to see a turnover of $8,000,000pa. Not only that, he implemented a simple, yet little-known-system that slashed staff’s sickies (just 5 out of 30 staff). Theft by staff zeroed down to nothing. (Marsh Marketing P/L).
–  In March 2006 he launched a website www.aircondirect.com.au. This is Australia’s most powerful air conditioning website. One of the first drop shipping websites created. (Not bad for a bloke who left home at 14).
–  November 2006 saw him selling the above company for a BIG profit with four companies itching to purchase it … the bidding wars began, upping the price as they fought to buy the business.
–  In March 2006 he decided to show other tradesmen and small business owners his powerful strategies to build their businesses into million dollar companies.
–  December 2007 he won “Rebellious Marketer on the Year” Awarded at Magnetic Marketing Ceremonies in Perth.
–  In March 2009 he moved to Perth to help Mal Emery build The Streetsmart Marketing Organisation to help entrepreneurs create the lifestyle and business they want to achieve.
–  In August 2010 he launched Streetsmart Business School for Serious Entrepreneurs.
–  In January 2011 he created the Streetsmart Business Adviser Program which has helped many individuals create 6 and 7 figure incomes and has helped numerous individuals create successful consulting businesses by learning his consulting strategies.
–  October 2013 to the present, Ian owns Streetsmart Marketing International, one of the most results oriented Business Coaching programs in existence today.

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