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Verses From the Vortex
Judy Van Foort

Judy Van Foort

Judy Van Foort’s life… is now an enthusiastic, joyous, and positive adventure with lots of frequent and extensive world travel to mind blowing places!

But it wasn’t always so good!… and as a motherless child in an orphanage in New Zealand ,then in boarding school in Auckland, and latterly with the proverbial wicked step mother… her life could only get better!

Life then bestowed upon her two wonderful husbands Warner and John (although one at a time!), three beloved children, Shan, Megan and Bruce and a fortuitous shift to live in Australia!… Later, her amazing, and now grown up grandchildren enhanced her joy. Such special young people… Jessica, James, Laura, Jarrad, Natalie, Beau and Peppa, who constantly teach her life’s lessons from a very different (and to her, a somewhat complex?) “GenY” perspective. So her abundant life is certainly marvellously, enriched!

Judy is also so fortunate to be able to enjoy the company of an amazing and diverse compilation of loving, supportive, and intellectually stimulating friends.

There was much happiness for her while living for 13 years, on Mt. Tamborine although she has now returned to the glorious Gold Coast… and at 74 years of age… every single day is full of joy and so many exciting activities!

Spirituality and Meditation have been the biggest blessings in Judy becoming who she is today!

Discovering her Inner self, living in positivity, manifesting her good health, living her dreams and finding daily, happiness! All this eventuated because she has learnt to love herself for just who she is… not depending on, or needing anyone else’s approval… just accepting herself for who she knows herself to BE!

Judy’s creativity has always been a source of delight!…, as a Window dresser, Watercolour artist, Quilter, computer Embroiderer, and a Ceramicist. Always also, enjoying reading, cooking, gardening, dressmaking and entertaining but it is through Meditation that she has been provided with the most fulfilment. The insight and clarity of Spirit that she always knew was missing… and the most astonishing bonus was that during her Meditations she found that she could channel inspired Poetry.

This book is a fantastic read, evoking your own imaginations… and full of joy and wonder!

Within the depths of these verses, discover the wisdom that surfaced from her heart’s space, and that before this, was unknown, even to her…..but can be, and often is, of enormous value both to herself and now, to all of you….. !

Meditation is her drug of choice!… (As sometimes, Champagne is inappropriate!).

Her sincere hope in writing this book is that it inspires every one of you, to continually reach for your dreams through the wonders of Meditations and awakens your own Bliss through the rhythm of beautiful and inspired words in these Verses…

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