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Chefs Stories Unmasked
Juliana Frances

Juliana Frances

Author, entrepreneur, and healer

Born and raised in Melbourne, Juliana is a mother of two sons and has been married for more than 48 years. For 17 of those years, Juliana and her husband Tony operated a large biodynamic dairy farm where various healing modalities were used on the land and on the animals. Juliana loved her work with the cows and calves and pioneered complementary medicine to treat cows (and humans) with Reiki, Kinesiology, Massage, Homeopathy and Living Threads frequencies. She went on to work with Alex Podolinsky, a student of Rudolf Steiner, to commercialize biodynamic milk in Australia.

Juliana’s passion for knowledge about color thread frequencies led her to study in New Zealand with Les Elphick. He handpicked her to be the only person to share his coveted information with. She went on to print a catalog of 2400 black and white color frequencies for Kinesiologists. At the request of Cam Dawson, she produced a color version of the catalog that was sold worldwide.

Her first publishing success was the book Color Cotton Therapy. She sold 2000 copies in the first three months. Her next publishing efforts were the GenHarmony metaphysical cards, followed by the Living Threads book featuring almost 5000 frequencies. Since then, she has created nine Living Threads online healing courses, including 41 videos. These have been recognized throughout Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa, and Europe.

Juliana’s most recent publishing triumph is the Romancing the Rose – an eleven-book series. The series of beautifully presented picture books feature pages where each rose conveys a different message. With these books, Juliana invites the reader to be transported to a sentimental place and time to experience sheer enjoyment beyond the sorrows and cares of the world.

Her professional associations include the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and AON Practitioner Insurance. She has traveled and worked throughout Australia, India, Nepal, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Singapore, Tonga, Ghana, Ireland, Poland, and Brazil.

Juliana Frances is the author of Chefs Stories Unmasked and lives in New South Wales Australia with her husband.

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