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Beggars Can Be Choosers
Lynika Cruz

Lynika Cruz

International Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Writing Coach, Published Poet, Copystylist

Lynika is an international author and is recognised as a leading specialist in the areas of writing, motivational speaking, coaching and copystyling. She is passionate about helping people make more compelling choices and creating more empowerment and success in their lives. As the founder and CEO of “Words to Wealth” she speaks and consults around the world.

An insight into Lynika’s past shows where her motivation and underlying success come from. Lynika from early childhood had major life changing obstacles to overcome, having been abandoned at the young age of 14 and left to live homeless on the streets for over 10 months, she had to learn to quickly survive and eventually thrive.

Despite the huge amount of adversity at such a young age Lynika went on, creating a highly successful career after putting herself through correspondence school, getting herself a job and eventually earning three degrees.

For the Past 2 decades Lynika has travelled to over 12 countries, worked, consulted and spoken to thousands of people from CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies, to celebrities, actors, authors and poets, speakers and other successful leaders. She’s worked with companies such as IBM, Channel 10, Channel 7, Sydney Commonwealth Games, World Expo 88, Avis, Macys in the USA just to name a few.

She is the Author of “Beggars Can Be Choosers – An Inspiring, True Story Of Strength And Triumph Over Adversity”. Her poetry features in literary journals across Canada and the USA.

She has earned degrees with honours in Early Childhood

Education, Health Science, and Creative Writing and was also ranked in the University’s top 14% out of 10,000 for aptitude.

Lynika lives in Queensland, Australia and is currently working on her upcoming Book Series ‘Words to Wealth’.

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