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The Gift of a Rosary
Melanie Stroud

Melanie Stroud

International Author, Speaker, Model, Horse Breeder, Interior Designer, Intuitive Visionary and Creative Artist.

As a recognised expert in the fields of Art and Interior Design, Melanie has been commissioned to create spectacular visionary pieces around the globe and has won many awards including the prestigious international award from the ‘Inchbald School of Design’ in London.

Melanie is the international author of The Gift of the Rosary, offering healing and spiritual insights from dedicated prayer of the rosary. Her spiritually inspired creations provide readers with an awareness of God, animals and nature, illustrating her deep belief that praying the rosary can eliminate fears and fill your life with love, joy and happiness.

She is the founder of ‘Global Rosaries’ which teaches the practical application of prayer for children worldwide. Melanie endeavours to assist children in third world countries via the unique creative process of making rosaries, with the aim to help them become self-sufficient.

Melanie has been involved with many charities over the years including ‘Children in the Solomon Islands’ and ‘Destiny Rescue’.

Melanie lives in the countryside at Orere Point, New Zealand with her five sons.

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