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28 Days to Beat the Blues

Michelle Mark

Michelle Mark was born in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia in 1979 and recalls being brought up in a typical dysfunction family asking herself the question at 13 “Is this as good as it gets?” She did not realize at the time that this very question would be the drive behind all of her decisions made from that day forward.

As a teen Michelle moved to Melbourne to develop a career as a trainer. As her career successfully grew, she travelled the world looking for answers. Upon returning to Australia Michelle visited Fountainhead Organic Health Retreat for a short stay…..and never moved on! Michelle is an Author and Founder of The Mentoring Institute which is a nationally accredited (with the ADAA) training organisation specialising in training of Mentors and Life Coaches in The Fountainhead Method. This Method is outlined in this book. Michelle’s next works are targeting specific applications for the Fountainhead Method including, Depression and Anxiety.

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