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Mike Rhodes

Mike Rhodes

Co-author, Founder and Director

Mike Rhodes Mike Rhodes, co-author of the 2014 publication – the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords (4th ed.), is the founder and director of WebSavvy. Through his guidance WebSavvy has been building profit for companies all over the world as well as training thousands of ppc marketers. WebSavvy is one of the first Australian companies to be awarded Google’s Certified Search Partner status.

What others have to say about Mike Rhodes: “Mike is an AdWords Ninja. We could have chosen many people to partner with to deliver our AdWords training. We chose Mike. We believe he’s one of the absolute best teachers of AdWords on the planet.” – Perry Marshall “Mike’s agency WebSavvy is the BEST AdWords agency in Australia. Bar none. They’re the only agency I trust to run accounts for both my business & my clients”. – James Schramko, SuperFastBusiness.com “Mike is a master story-teller, top bloke & a very popular speaker on the podcast.” – Tim Reid, Small Business Big Marketing “Mike is a genius.” – Howie Jacobson, Author of AdWords for Dummies “Mike is a true business genius, not just AdWords but business strategy & systems. When Mike speaks, everyone should close their mouths, take out a notepad and pen and listen.” – Brent Hodgson, CRO Expert “One of the country’s best online/web entrepreneurs.” – David Hefter, GM SponsoredLinx “When it comes to high level AdWords advice, Mike is the man.” – Sasha Gilberg, WINAH “Mike’s talk on AdWords at our recent radio conference absolutely blew participants away. It was relevant, clearly explained and very practical. So much so that one of the other speakers, a professor of marketing, jumped up on stage after Mike’s presentation to say it was the best explanation of online marketing he’d ever heard! “- Jan Meehan, Director Bossman Media “Mike’s the expert’s expert.” – Spike Humer, COO The Jay Abraham Group

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