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Peter & Lorraine Swain

Peter & Lorraine Swain

International authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, property investors, and real estate experts.

Peter and Lorraine are international authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, property investors and real estate experts.
They are recognised as experts in the fields of business development, money management, property
investing, property renovation, online business and team management.

Peter and Lorraine are the authors of Abundance – A Practical Guide to having a Fulfilling Life and a Profitable Business.
They have successfully operated and owned their own businesses both online and offline for the last 20 years and have invested, renovated, bought and sold more than 20 properties within this time frame.

Peter specialises in solving business management and associated financial issues with a keen focus on work and life balance. He is a living testament to the quote “Set peace of mind as your highest goal and organise your life around it.” – Brian Tracy.
Peter and Lorraine are associated with the following industry greats: Don Farnden, Simon Bowen, Darren J Stephens, Mal Emery, Matt and Amanda Clarkson, Paul Blackburn, Pat Mesiti, Dominique Grubisa, Geoff Baldwin, Bob Anderson, Ric Gloede and more.

Peter and Lorraine have worked and travelled the world extensively meeting hundreds of people in over ten countries including Australia, North America, China and Singapore to just name a few.

Peter is qualified in real estate management and business growth and has won numerous prestigious sales awards over the years.

Peter and Lorraine are fellow members of the Chamber of Commerce, Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) and two Toastmasters clubs, and are closely associated with community service organisations both locally and internationally.

Peter and Lorraine live with their three sons in Perth, Western Australia.

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