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Brand Yourself
Rachel Quilty

Rachel Quilty

Personal Branding Strategist, CEO and Speaker

Rachel Quilty is a Personal Branding Strategist. She is also known as the “Authority” on Personal Branding. Rachel is the CEO and owner of Jump the Q Inc., a Personal Brand consulting firm with offices in Brisbane, Australia and Las Vegas, USA.

Rachel regularly speaks at seminars, conferences and workshops on personal branding, professional image and developing your signature brand. Rachel has just released the first in the Brand Yourself Signature series, “Brand Yourself, How to Design, Build and Position Your Personal Brand”

Rachel is a regular columnist in the popular Brisbane Circle magazine. Her hints and tips are regularly quoted in national publications such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Cleo, Woman’s Health Magazine, Frankie and Grazia magazines as well as the WNA Working Women magazine and most major Australian newspapers. Rachel has also featured on various radio talk back programs.

Rachel Quilty has been featured in broadcast media and is frequently asked by journalists to comment on today’s most fascinating personal brands, including, Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Steve Irwin, Richard Branson, David Beckham and Donald Trump. Rachel was recently interviewed on the Channel 9 Today Show.

Make an impact with your unique brand! And accelerate your personal success. Rachel Quilty, your Personal Brand Strategist will deliver an information packed product to provide tips and techniques to help you develop your own signature brand to better brand you and your business!

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