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Dealing With Autism
Randa Habelrih

Randa Habelrih

International Author, Speaker, Property Investor, International Tour Director, Marketing Manager, and Autism Advocate & Advisor

Randa Habelrih is an international author, speaker, property investor, marketing manager, international tour director, and autism advocate and advisor.

She is the international author of the book Dealing with Autism – How I Successfully Raised My Child With Autism and How You Can Too. As a proud mother of a child with autism who just graduated high school, Randa teaches how you can make a difference in the world today. She openly shares her journey as a parent and embraces the philosophy of Different… Not Less by Temple Grandin.

Randa’s 18 years of experience in raising a child and working daily in the cold face of autism sparked her passion to help others understand the unique needs that parents, families, teachers and health care professionals have when dealing with autism.

She educates people on the Psychology of the Autism Double DDIP Principle and the 4 stages parents with autism go through.

Randa is pioneering a social inclusion programme called The School M.A.T.E.S Autism Programme and is working towards its introduction in all schools.

She has trained in various methodologies designed to assist children with autism, including Doman Therapy, the Son-Rise Program and ABA.

Randa is qualified in many areas and has a Bachelor of Commerce. She has lectured at University on marketing management and consumer behavior and was a speaker at the inaugural ASPECT Autism in Education conference. Over the years she has worked with big brand companies such as Estee Lauder, Lancôme, Myer and David Jones.

She has worked and travelled extensively to more than 26 countries including the United States of America, England, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Mexico to name just a few.

Randa is passionate about working with youth and has facilitated and accompanied thousands of Australia’s students and young people to World Youth Days in Rio, Sydney and Madrid including voluntary mission work in Lima, Peru.

She has facilitated many overseas pilgrimages conducting boutique tours to the Holy Land and various other destinations around the world, and has walked hundreds of kilometres, recently walking the Camino in Spain.

Randa lives in New South Wales, Australia with her two children, Emily and Richard.

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